I was looking for a someone to service my 98 M-Class that was capable, honest, and affordable when I saw an ad for The Mercedes Doctor. I have since purchased a second 2007 Mercedes SLK. Larry has serviced my cars for over 10 years and I couldn’t be more satisfied with his work. He is knowledgeable and has the equipment needed to work on these cars. I live in Tuscaloosa and don’t hesitate to drive my vehicles to Trussville so Larry can do the maintenance and repair work. If you need a Mercedes serviced or repaired he’s your guy.

Connie Langley,

I bought a used Mercedes from a dealer a few years ago and he recommended that I maintain that car with a Mercedes specialty repair shop called The Mercedes Doctor. I have received excellent affordable service from The Mercedes Doctor since then and I recommend him. The owner’s name is Larry Clements.
Sincerely yours, Robert A. Rives

Robert A. Rives,

We have been loyal customers to The Mercedes Doctor for several years. They came to our attention by word of mouth, which is always a very good thing! Larry and his staff are very friendly and personable. One of their greatest attributes is that they are trustworthy, and we know that they are going give you 110% when it comes to our Mercedes. Larry told us in the beginning that he will sometimes be cheaper or more expensive than the dealership might be when it comes to cost, but he guarantees that it will be fixed corretly the first time! The service that we have received from The Mercedes Doctor is the sole reason we bought another Mercedes last October. These days excellent and trustworthy mechanics are very hard to find, so we chose another Mercedes based on our trust in Larry and his staff. We highly recommend The Mercedes Doctor to all of our friends and family that drive Mercedes! My husband and I look forward to our continued relationship with Larry and his staff at The Mercedes Doctor for many years to come!

Mike and Shannon Harmon,

I have known Larry for thirty years. I consider him to be a friend and an incredible mechanic. I have referred so many people to him I cannot count and they all say they will never go back to the dealership. He provides quality work which he stands behind at a reasonable price. You can’t beat the Mercedes Doc!

Peggy Dunnavant, Business Manager